Mamaya is a data-driven creative marketing platform for eCommerce

Working in real time, Mamaya processes data from your online store, as well as relevant data from 3rd party sources. It then intelligently orchestrates this data and forms dynamic, compelling and synchronized cross-channel campaigns, to help your brand increase customer LTV and, simply put - sell more.

Automated Customer Acquisition

Reach new customers easily and effectively!
Mamaya automatically generates carousel and video ads for your best selling categories, and displays them to people who are most likely to buy these products. This, too, is monitored and refreshed on an ongoing basis.

Dynamic Product Retargeting

Win the cart abandonment battle!
Mamaya analyzes your store data and automatically generates personalized product ads on Facebook and Instagram, that look and feel as if they were hand-made!

Smart Customer Retention

Keep your customers loyal!
Mamaya will help you touch-base with your most relevant customers at the most relevant time. With targeted upsell and cross-sell retention ads that are fine-tuned per product and segment, you’ll make the most out of every customer.

Our Dashboard

Mamaya’s intuitive dashboard was tailored for both the creative and media teams. It provides full control and transparency into what data is available, what triggers have been set and how this data is used in each and every ad.

Managed Service

Mamaya’s managed services will provide you with an end-to-end solution, covering every aspect of your campaigns. Our eCommerce marketing experts will help you launch and maintain your innovative winning campaigns.

Contact Us

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